MyPlate Calorie Tracker App Review

Download Living a healthy lifestyle can be beneficial for every type of individual, and the process involves many different plans like exercise, diet, and time for relaxation. One aspect of healthy living that is often overlooked relates to how many calories can be specifically consumed in a day. MyPlate Calorie Tracker for Android devices makes this step much easier by offering the user plenty of guides and resources geared toward counting calories and keeping a total daily intake in check. The app offers the most user-friendly platform available and allows every fitness enthusiast to easily track calories from a phone or tablet.

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follow url To start things off, the MyPlate Calorie Tracker has a database of over 2 million types of food that lets the user build and maintain a personalized “menu” of items that are eaten regularly. Through this feature, the user can create meals and snacks that adhere to a personal calorie goal and show exactly what to expect regarding the caloric value of each food or drink. This includes popular items found at the grocery shop, because the app comes with a convenient barcode scanner to store and provide data on products. The user can set their own calorie goals for the day, or have a plan established automatically based on information provided in the personal profile.

Additional features from the app allow for tracking of various nutrients in each meal, such as carbs, protein, and fiber. This means that the user can monitor and set goals for individual parameters, not just total calories. The app also provides handy tools in monitoring the daily water intake, which is especially important for those who work out and need to remain hydrated. The app integrates with other Google fitness programs to keep track of other fitness-related goals like miles walked, steps taken, and calories burned. Each user can even create a custom exercise plan, complete with personalized goals and objectives to lose weight and stay in shape.

Benefits of the Calorie Tracker

MyPlate Calorie Tracker is a proven resource for monitoring diets because it has the ability to break things down into simple data and graphs for review. Instead of worrying about every detail, the user can get macronutrient information instantly that summarizes the total intake and general ratios of a diet. In addition, the app’s progress section is one of the most comprehensive databases that can be found in any online fitness program, so each user has ample access to information regarding every important factor related to overall health.

User Community and Feedback

Having a support system is a major help in achieving fitness goals or sticking to a diet, which is why the social aspect of MyPlate Calorie Tracker is so important. The community and message board offers a place for all users to come together and discuss various goals and setbacks, with real motivation coming from real people. This tracker was created and developed by Livestrong, so it comes from a group of fitness advocates who understands the challenges of sticking to a plan and overcoming obstacles. The company also provides e-mail contact in case of any questions about the app or its improvement.

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