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Top 10 Apps on Google Play

Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free
Facebook Комуникация Free

Facebook Социални Free

Snap Inc Социални Free

Instagram Социални Free

Pandora Music
Pandora Музика и аудио Free

BGN 13.67

BGN 6.29

BGN 10.30

The Room Three
Fireproof Games Пъзели 8,79 лв.

What Makes the Best Android Apps?

The best Android apps cannot be traced back to one specific factor, but there are plenty of positive aspects that can be pointed out. When an app for Android devices becomes successful, it was created for a clear purpose by developers who had the drive to make it a reality. Whether for simple entertainment or valuable information that can improve one’s quality of life, the best apps connect with their target audience by being accessible, convenient, and inexpensive. In addition, highly-rated Android apps typically are not left in the dust, but instead are constantly updated and improved by the developers.

How Each Android Apps is Reviewed

There are multiple properties of apps that should be examined to properly give a review. The app’s usefulness is a priority in how it will be received by users. Does the app provide a resource not currently available, or does it offer something in a new and exciting format? These two factors have a major impact on the app’s quality, and how popular it can become as a result. Another area observed is how easy the app is to operate. After all, mobile devices are built on convenience and Android apps should follow suit in order to stay relevant. Of course, apps are also reviewed according to their features. How much content the app includes and its corresponding price or amount of microtransactions will help in reviewing its value up front.

This Month’s Featured App


Music is the universal language, which means that millions of individuals from all over the world want to try out playing an instrument from time to time. This new passion can sometimes be complicated by finding a good teacher or searching for the most appropriate lessons to learn the preferred style of music. The Yousician music learning Android app is a solution to the issue of conveniently finding lessons and instructors because it offers personalized education for guitarists, bassists, and pianists in one all-inclusive package with plenty of extra features. With millions of downloads, Yousician has proven to be one of the best sources for music learning right from a mobile phone or tablet.

App Features

The Yousician app for Android is created by developers who believe that literacy in music is incredibly important. Because of this, they offer comprehensive lesson plans and educational resources that come from the best teachers on the planet. The resources provided are ideal for wanting to be self-taught, but they are also great for supplemental learning when taking lessons with another instructor. This app does not require any additional equipment to work interactively with the user. All the player needs is their instrument and a microphone, which is built into virtually every modern mobile device. The app can listen in real time and provide feedback on the player’s abilities.

This app’s innovative features adapt to and work with the student in areas of timing, technique, and intonation. Most lessons included in the app are not just great educational tools, but they also inspire the player to practice in between and develop proficiency on the instrument of choice. Also, personalized features mean that the student can choose exactly what they want to learn, whether it’s going deep into music theory or simply learning how to play songs like a pro. The app contains over 1,500 songs and lessons that are created by industry masters, so there is always something new to learn and conquer.

Innovative Challenges and Insight

Unlike other online programs that leave the student on their own with sheet music, Yousician has the unique capability of providing constructive criticism regarding playing skills. This also happens in real time so that each musician can instantly see what passages they nailed and what sections of a study need improvement. The best part is that the app accomplishes these functions through popular songs and exciting exercises so that practice and learning don’t just become boring repetition. Regarding theory, the app has specialized training lessons available that will focus on various scales or chord changes for the student to easily grasp various musical concepts.

User Interaction and Feedback

Yousician for Android has some of a complete lesson plans available in the realm of online music education, but each user also gets the ability to upload their songs and listens. This innovative sharing platform allows musicians to connect with each other and offer creative ideas on how to get better at an instrument. Since the app relies so heavily on its community feedback to build a great learning experience, the developers constantly improve and update the software and can be reached by e-mail for comments or questions. The Yousician app’s social media presence includes a strong following of supporters on both Twitter and Facebook.

Last Month’s Featured App

Wordfeud Free

Wordfeud FREE
Bertheussen IT Словесни Free

Word games have proven popular in an online context. Mobile phone users are now able to download new games on to their device. Wordfeud Free is a popular entry that has received some attention. Bertheussen IT was the team that developed the game for new players. Some new reviews have elevated the status of the game for player. Place letters on tiles to create words that solve the puzzle. The puzzle game is available for download with Android and iPhone devices. Challenge friends to a new style of word games.

The tile board measures 15 x 15 and uses letters. Familiarity with the English language is a plus. Earn points for creativity and place the letters as needed. The game will award words with points. Play in over 30 separate games at the same time with Wordfeud Free. It will place players against one another randomly. Feel free to challenge several opponents to a match. Cross-platform multiplayer matches are becoming popular online.

Bonus points may be awarded for certain combinations of letters. Double letter and double word combinations are particularly popular. Triple letter combos may be rare, but new additions will be made for experienced players. Multiplayer games have proven popular with mobile fans. Users have left reviews and even hints that players may read for themselves. Random opponents are available to challenge at will. Millions of players around the world will be waiting for the match to begin.

Many reviews have been collected based on initial contacts. Wordfeud free is available online and is represented by some of its best reviews. It has been listed as one of the most highly rated games for players. It has been rated E for Everyone given its content. Follow the action online and learn how to place tiles appropriately. Wifi or mobile connectivity is available. Players will be able to add it to their wishlist at will. A recent update was released in 2016 for fans. Successful downloads are made possible by the development teams. Improved graphics and animations will make Wordfeud Free a popular entry for players.

It is possible to learn more and improve vocabulary with each playthrough. Wordfeud Free is highly rated and available on popular websites. Share information with friends and explain how to win via social media sites. Bertheussen IT is proud to distribute the app for users. The size of the file may vary by the device being used.

The Minds Behind the Reviews

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An Invitation for Developers

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